Ready Hatched

Because at Logoroost we are full-on creative when we are working, we often have many more ideas than we’ve been asked for. This means there can be lots of orphans that still deserve a home.

But don’t think these fledglings are less loved or nurtured. All the same thought and care has gone into their creation, whether simple or elaborate, our heart and soul is given. Some fledglings however like to add a touch more flamboyance than others - that is also why some will be priced differently.

Perhaps one of these unique fledglings is already perfect for you. Have a look to see if you can find that special darling that you would like to adopt.

Adopting a logo means that you become its sole guardian - it belongs to you only. But you will go with our best wishes for a happy and prosperous future for you and your logo.

  1. Browse and select one of the logos shown below.
  2. View the details, cost and what you get in the deal.
  3. Hit order now, fill in your details.
  4. Once submitted we will be in touch soon.

Help narrow down the search, and find the logo you need! If you can’t find one, drop us a line and we’ll be able to create one for you!


If none of these logos raise your interest, we can discuss raising a completely new one from scratch to hatch. Just fly to out questionnaire or drop us a line.