“Any damn fool can put on a deal, but it takes a genius, faith and perseverance to create a brand.”
- David Ogilvy

At Logoroost we respect individuality. No two clients are ever the same. New or established, big or small, it’s always a good thing to be recognised and understood as distinctive and separate from your competitors.

That’s why we won’t make specific price promises for any of our clients without first talking with them about what they need. But we only want to give you pleasant surprises so here’s a guide to give you a better idea of how we will treat you and your requirements.

When your business takes off, which one of these will it be?


Quick and full of zip, a rapid responder to business opportunities

£399 - £599

For budget conscious small business, self employed, freelancer or consultant who needs a logo.


Building for the long term, forward thinking and looking to grow your business.

£600 - £999

For medium to large companies who need that bit more than just a logo. Like integrated stationary and brand identity requirements. You want continuing advice and logo development for your brand identity as your company’s spreads into other fields for business opportunities.


A real high flyer, you can see for miles and miles and now you want to make sure that your brands reach goes as far as your vision.

£1000 - £2999+

Small to large corporations or professionals looking for a comprehensive visual identity package. This is not just putting a logo on everything, it’s a joined-up and thought out look at every aspect of your Brand Identity, where nothing that represents your company isn’t considered.

For a full description of what you’ll get in each price package, please download our Logoroost Price List.

If you have any questions regarding prices, or need help deciding, don’t hesitate to contact us.
And if you’re ready to discuss raising a completely new one from scratch to hatch, just fly to our Design Brief or drop us a line.