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Logo and Stationary

Year Completed


A refreshed logo we crafted for Raymond at Unibase Solutions – a certified level 4 BEE contributor writing business software for over 20 years specialising in Property, Point of Sale, Automotive, Industry, Enterprise, Workshop and Workflow.

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“Our company logo was looking worn out and stale, in desperate need of a facelift. The problem was that we never really had a good idea of exactly what it was we were looking for. I found Angus via the web and took a chance. I informed him that we wanted to give our logo a facelift, that we wanted something fresh and dynamic, yet professional at the same time. He came up with many great ideas and we ultimately settled for the one we current use. He was able to very quickly get an idea of the type of colours we preferred and in no time at all we had settled. His turn around time was unbelievably quick and any changes or requests to try things a different way or with slight changes were done within the hour. We received professional service and the best part of all is that it never cost us an arm and a leg.”

Raymond Orchison